Olympia restoration olive tree

Olympia restoration olive tree

Olympia restoration olive tree

  • Authentic Greek product
  • Made in Greece
  • Sustainably made

Help us Support the Greek Farmers which theeir olive groves were devestated by the 2021 Summer fires, an Olive farm takes 5 years to recover and produce Olives suitable for Olive oil.

The Summer of 2021 was devastating for Greek nature as wild fires spread through many regions, burning to the ground over 125000 hectares of Olive groves and forests!

This has also affected the Olympia (Choraitiki) variety of olives that our early harvest Gaea Fresh is made of.

Many farmers in the Ilia region of the Peloponnese are offered cheaper and easier varieties to grow, threatening the Olympia variety that may go extinct, losing a Greek variety that has lasted for Millenia in the Greek Peninsula.

It is part of our mission to preserve this variety so the Greek food culture can maintain its uniqueness.

We have already bought 6000 trees, but it is by far not enough, we need your help, by buying a tree you contribute to the trees needed to be planted, their plantation and support to the farmers for the 5 year growth time they need before they can bare fruits.

You can follow the progress of the olive groves through our newsletter. 

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