Sarakostí the Greek Lent or fasting period

Sarakostí the Greek Lent or fasting period

Clean Monday or Kathara Deftera in Greek is what ash or Shrove Tuesday is in other Christian cultures. What is different is that in the Greek lent or fasting period you must abstain from anything that contains red blood! So just to avoid confusion the diet basically is Vegan, but you can also eat seafood like octopus, calamari, prawns etc. Of course, there are many that follow a strict Vegan diet, also for religious purposes.

We admit it is easier to go vegan in Greece with an array of recipes fresh green produce and amazing Extra Virgin Olive oil, we are lucky, but no excuses, produce is widely available, the recipes are here and you can find Gaea Extra Virgin olive oil at a supermarket near you.

So why don't you find your inner Greek by starting with a Mediterranean diet!
Here are some recipes to help you do just that, our most prominent Greek Sarakostí recipes!



Black Eyed beans salad


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